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Why Choose D-E-C?

Many firms prefer D-E-C because senior staff are professional engineers and are involved in all aspects of a project. The result is thorough, streamlined planning and execution, with a high level of technical expertise. D-E-C's hourly rates are reasonable for the level of experience provided. We invite you to review some examples of our work and to contact us for more information about how D-E-C can assist you.

Contact us via email at for answers to your regulatory questions or inquires about EHS regulations impacting an upcoming project.


  • Oil Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC ) plan preparation and P.E. certification.

  • Air source permitting (construction and operation) and emission tracking

  • Air emission inventory preparation

  • Facility compliance evaluations

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management training, planning and permitting.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plant design

  • Wastewater discharge National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting and reporting

  • Storm Water permitting and preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) - Industrial and Construction

  • Environmental training for storm water, hazardous waste management, SPCC, universal waste management, and introductory or environmental awareness training

  • Preparation of facility Environmental Management System documents and processes.

  • Phase I Real Estate Environmental Reviews

  • Preparation of tier 2 Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reporting and Toxic Release Inventory (Form R) reports

  • Preparation of wastewater discharge applications for municipal sewer systems and publicly owned treatment works (POTW)

  • Assistance in regulatory interpretation and application


Environmental audits are an important, positive component of an effective company environmental management program. Often unbiased third party compliance and environmental management system audits are the best means for a company to identify and deal with issues before they become a significant concern. Although there are several standards for environmental management systems (such as ISO 14001), many firms tailor their environmental programs to a particular need or concern. D-E-C can assist your firm by providing an independent, one-time evaluation or by helping you to establish an effective self audit program. D-E-C can provide mock hazardous waste (RCRA), wastewater or air compliance inspections to prepare plant personnel for a regulatory visit.

D-E-C has participated in over 60 facility audits throughout North America including Mexico and Canada.

D-E-C can audit your company's suppliers to ensure compliance with corporate standards and to assist in reducing Superfund liability. Typical supplier assessments can be done in one day.


D-E-C has assisted electroplaters, metal and plastic coaters, machining and cleaning operations, and manufacturer's of organic chemicals to design wastewater treatment facilities for indirect or direct discharge. D-E-C provides preliminary design calculations, process flow maps, necessary facility permitting, equipment specification, and plant start up assistance.


D-E-C has forty years of experience working for and with industrial clients on a wide variety of environmental, safety, and health issues. D-E-C has 15 years experience in environmental management systems analysis, preparation, and auditing.

D-E-C has provided Professional Engineering Services in the States of IA, IL, WI, and NC. In particular, D-E-C has worked extensively in the Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin area for 37 years and is very familiar with the state agencies and EPA Regions 5 and 7.

D-E-C is an active participant in the Midwest Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association and the Iowa Water Environment Federation.

We have commented on environmental regulation development to state and federal agencies to assist our clients in having technical input into rules that will affect their operations.